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Gravity Remix 

I've been experimenting with ideas for my new material and while I was doing that I created this little remix for Gravity

New EP deepseabigcitysmallroom 

We've returned to Australia having spent the last 8 months roaming around in New York, so I have put all the songs I recorded and released from my East Harlem apartment on an EP called "deepseabigcitysmallroom" which is available for free download from Bandcamp (hit Buy Now and enter $0 to start free download) or pay what you want for it. Please give it a listen!!

NEW SONG: The Escape Artist 

Check out my newest song "The Escape Artist"

Home Recording Forum 

I talk a lot about music recording at home in my blog. From using my voice recorder to put ideas down through to microphone technique and Pro tools. Its all scattered amongst my song releases, music downloads and photos here. Recently, I've had conversations with friends more integral to the internal philosphy of DIY music and Home Recording in general...

Can a songwriter be an effective music producer for his own project? Is a self-producer the ultimate music wanker? The internet is drowning in a heaving sea of mediocre music recorded badly and some would say that its killing (or already killed) the music industry.

I think the answer is not a straight forward "yes or no" but more about what your musical and career goals are. If you're aim is to be a huge Top 40 artist then maybe not. Take a look at the music charts, how many in the top 50 are home recordings?? ANY?? At the moment of writing this I can say firmly, no. Sure there may be some examples of this happening, but if your goal is to compete with major labels, with big budget recordings and promotion schedules, then home recording is probably not the path to take. Audio engineers and music producers are highly skilled and while their industry is taking an on-going battering lately, they are still the top of the game.

In many respects, being a DIY music producer is operating outside of the concept of an 'industry'. Creating a sound unique to your own music and vision (that would probably not get traction with record labels anyway). Get that music out there and start building an audience of people who may be jaded by the posturing and predictability of the pop music industry. This is where home recording belongs and where the quirks and limitations associated with lower budgets can become part of the beauty. Of course there's still a learning curve and there's still financial outlay. There are still benefits to working with producers or mix engineers or mastering engineers. But the rules are yours to make up as you go along, your path becomes part of your unique identity as an artist.


New Song!! 

Check out my latest song, called "A SONG" here. Download it from Bandcamp for FREE or pay what you want xx


Check out my latest song "You Do it to Yourself".
Listen and buy it here on Bandcamp:

And here's a DIY Film Clip, shot by Emma Dean (
Its a behind-the-scenes "making of" the song, giving a look into the recording process in my NYC apartment